Highly Configurable Heat Pumps with green refrigerants.

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Make a difference by providing your clients with ECBC compliant Climaveneta heat pumps and customized solutions!
Heat pumps are installed where space heating is required. Climaveneta heat pumps fall under comfort applications with a break-through latest edition of green refrigerants.
For space heating applications, a heat pump typically works as a reverse vapor compression cycle that includes a reversing valve and optimized heat exchangers so that the direction of heat flow can be reversed.
These 15+ years of durable and low-maintenance heat pumps are designed for hotels, malls, manufacturing, and the pharma process.
Climaveneta pumps are built with various types of configurations for outdoor installations based on their application that run 24X7!
The solution is seamlessly integrated with three modules that help to build our Green Cycle. First is smart thermal energy management that reuses rejection heat from industrial use for comfort heating. Inverter driven compressors help increase efficiency.
The third and the most latest edition uses new G04 and G05 green refrigerants in order to be at the forefront of using best green practices. We also provide the very latest magnetic chillers.

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