Nios Study Material for Class 10 July 26, 2022

Nios Study Material for Class 10

Nios Study Material for Class 10 Hindi and English Medium

Nios Study Material For Class 10  The National Institute of Open Schooling allows class 10th students to study online and provides them with access to textbooks for a variety of subjects, such as Mathematics, Science, English, Social Science, Hindi, Business Studies, Economics, Home Science, Psychology, Indian Culture and Heritage, Accountancy, Sanskrit, Painting, Data Entry Operation, and others. The NIOS books for class 10 are downloadable in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Odia and Gujarati. Chapter-wise and complete NIOS books for class 10 are available in pdf format for student ease of access. These books will come in handy when preparing for the upcoming NIOS 10th class exams. Keep reading to find out more about the NIOS secondary class books and Guide.

Nios 10th Class Subjects with their Chapters

English (202) – Snake Bite, How the Squirrel Got his Stripe, Kondiba-A Hero, Tall Trees, A tiger Comets to Town-I, A tiger Comets to Town-II, The Shoeshine , A Birthday Letter etc.

Mathematics (211) – Number Systems, Exponents and Radicals, Algebraic Expressions and Polynomials, Special Products and Factorization etc.

Science (212) – Measurement in Science and Technology, Matter in Our Surroundings, Atom and Molecules etc.

Social Science (213) – Introduction To Social Science, Ancient World, Medieval World, Modern World etc.

Economics (214) – What is Economics, Human Wants, Goods and Services etc.

Business Study (215) – Nature and Scope of Business, Industry and Commerce, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership & Hindu Undivided Family etc.

Home Science (216) – What is home science, food and its nutrients, food groups, Method of cooking foods etc.

Psychology (222) – An Introductions to psychology,  method of psychology, individual differences etc.

Indian Culture and Heritage (223) – Culture an introduction, Indian culture, ancient India, Medieval India etc.

Accountancy (224) – Introduction to accounting, accounting concepts and conventions etc.

Painting (225) – History and appreciation of Indian art from 3000 B.C – 600 AD etc.

Data Entry Operation (229) – Basics of Computer, Operating System, Basics of Word Processing, Formatting Documents etc.

Nios Guide Books for Class 10

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Nios books for class 10

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