Nios Biology (314) Tutor Marked Assignment Questions with their Answers.

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Nios Biology (314) Tutor Marked Assignment Questions with their Answers.
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Note: (i)All questions are compulsory. The Marks allotted for each question are given beside the questions.
(ii)Write your name, enrollment numbers, AI name and subject on the first page of the answer sheet.
(1)Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.
(a)(i)Which Organelle possess DNA?
(ii)Which Organelle possess DNA?
(iii)What is function of the Organelle that animal cells have but plants Cells do not?
(iv)Which Orgavelle contains enzyme for cellular Respiration?
(b)Give reasons to explain (i) why plants do not have any special respiratory Organs like animals? (ii) Why is it not advisable to sleep under a tree at night?
(2)Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.
(a)What does intra cellular digestions means? Justify the meaning by drawing stages of ingestion and digestion in amoeba in three steps and labeling them.
(b)A Teacher focused on slides of T.S. of Monocot and Dicot roots under a compound mocroscope and asked you to observe the following features. (i) Radial Vascular Bundles (ii) Presence of endodermis. List out two other characters that would help you to identify
(3)Answer any one of the following questions in about 40 to 60 words.
(a)What do you understand by the term (i) Biopiracy (ii) Biopatent
(b)Mention two common characterstics found in the following animals a dog, a squirrel, a human being and elephant. Also name the classes to which the four belong.
(4)Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.
(a)Given Below is a table showing names & Disease Symptoms, Causal Organism and preventive measures complete the table by filling up the blanks marks 1 to
(b)Why Respiration is important for Survival of plants? Give an account of the process of Respiration in plants & mention one difference between respiration in plants & animals.
(5)Answer any one of the following questions in about 100 to 150 words.
(a)Define Homeostasis & explain how it is maintained in the body with the help of an example.
(b) Differentiate between Endo therms & Ecto therms. Which one of these do you think can survive better if there is a sudden change in environmental temperature?
(6)Prepare any one project out of the given below:
(a)(i)What is a Corona? How does this Disease Spread?
(ii)What are in ‘Symptoms of Someone infected with a Corona virus.
(iii)Can Corona virus be transmitted from Person to person.
(iv)What steps you will take to protect yourself from the Corona Virus.
(v)What kind of Preventive measures that need to be taken by each one of us to
“stop” this Pandemic worldwide.
(b)Constructing a green house from scrap material.
(i)You are learning a lot about the ‘greenhouse effect’ and global warming. Why not
see for yourself how sun rays heat the greehouse and keep it warm enough for
plants to survive in it.
(ii)You shall need some pieces of glass or transparent plastic sheets, brown cellotape, cardboard, plastic pipes to circulate water inside the chamber, table fan to cool the inside.
(iii)Now see the figure 35.9 of green house on page 48 of module 6A of your senior
secondary Biology book 3.
(iv)Assemble all the parts and build the green house. Keep it in the sun on different
days. Note atmospheric temperature from newspaper and use a thermometer to
check the temperature inside the greenhouse that you have created.
(v)Check the temperature from time to time and on different days on the month and prepare a comparative statement of the change in temperature that you have

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